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Jerry Alonzo - The Artist


I grew up in New Jersey. After college and law school Kate and I moved to Geneseo, NY, where I opened a law office. I worked as a judge from 1977 to 2006.

I've always worked with wood, picking up skills along the way. In the late 80's, I began taking studio art classes at SUNY Geneseo. I closed my law office to continue my art education at the R.I.T. School for American Crafts, where I received an MFA in woodworking and furniture design. My plan was to split my time between wood and law. I believed it important to negotiate the paths of art and law separately but after a few years, I relented, let them converge and to my pleasant surprise each path enriched the other. The pieces "The Jury Box" and "Judge's Bench" are products of that convergence.

My work has been influenced by my surroundings. Every day I have the opportunity to experience the beautiful Genesee Valley with its farms, ancient oaks, hills, lakes and gorges. I celebrate the often overlooked things around us; that beautiful stone underfoot or bird flying overhead. Its my intent to honor the ordinary. "When Birds Sing" and "The Thought for Today" are responses to this landscape.

More recently, I've focused my work on law and social justice issues. Two major projects are "The Art of Compassion" and "Justice is ..."

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